Nova Scotia

Car 33
Ford Cortina GT-2
2.3 Litre OHC
Twin 50mm Weber Carbs
SVO T-5 transmission

Car 34
Ford Probe GT-3
2.5 Litre V6

2017 Team
Gerry Elliott
Mark Elliott
Chris Moore

Elliott Racing GT Team 2017

May 29 - TRAC Regional Race #1
June 25 - TRAC Regional Race #2
June 26 - TRAC Regional Race #3
August 21 - TRAC Regional Race #4
September 18 - TRAC Regional Race #5
October 9 - 9th Annual Jack Canfield Memorial

The Evolution of a Racecar

Elliott Racing came into existence in 1971 with Gerald Elliott getting the “permanent racing bug” with the granting of his Regional Racing License at the Debert Area Circuit. Racing was continued sporadically at the Debert Circuit and Atlantic Motorsport Park (AMP) until 1978 when the 1st retirement came into being — took the next 10 years off .

The first years of racing was a great experience and a lot of fun, even if the car and driver were not very competitive. Lots of
great memories — from teaming up with Cathy Brooks in the ‘76 Moosehead 300, to crewing for the original Spitina at Mosport with Bob Gutherie and Larry Brown.

The “Car” is also part of this history — a 1970 Ford Cortina GT, basically stock but at times with a Lambke/Kent 1760cc engine. The retirement for the Cortina ended when in 1988 Mark Elliott turned 16 and got his race licence at Atlantic Motorsport Park.

For more on the Elliott Racing Cortina and Race Team

2017 Race Schedule

May 29 - TRAC Regional Race #1
Jun 25 - TRAC Regional Race #2
Jun 26 - TRAC Regional Race #3
Aug 21 - TRAC Regional Race #4
Sept 18 - TRAC Regional Race #5
Oct 9 - 9th Annual JCM Endurance

Atlantic Motorsport Park
N 45.06660 W 63.71423

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